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QuanTEM Chronicles - February 2008
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John Barnett, PresidentA Message from John Barnett, President

I am just finishing up a book titled "Run with the Bulls without Getting Trampled" by Tim Irwin, Ph.D.  Mr. Irwin starts off telling of his experience where he and his son ran with the bulls in Pamplona.  He explains that the bulls aren't out to injure anyone it's just that the runners sometimes invade the bulls space and the bulls may need to remove the runner so it can continue on its' chosen route.  He relates this to business in that how often do we find good employees who get in the road of where the company is going and then can't understand why they get run over or brushed aside.  As the book goes on he discusses things like Character, Competence and Commitment.  You know, it's the little things that mean a lot in the road to personal or company success.   If you get a chance pick up this book and give it a read.  In the mean time let QuanTEM have a chance at earning your business. 


John Barnett

President / CEO

QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC




Hexavalent Chromium Sampling Update

Below is an excerpt from a more detailed report of Hex Chrome inspections over the last ~18 months.  For more, visit: OSHA Underground Blog
  • # of total Cr(VI) violations = 155
  • $ amount of total current penalties = $157,534.00
  • List of the 5-most cited Cr(VI) violations:
    • 1910.1026(d)(1) - didn't determine exposure
    • 1910.1026(c) - exposure exceeded PEL
    • 1910.1026(e)(1) - no regulated area
    • 1910.1026(k)(1)(i)(A) - no medical surveillance
    • 1910.1026(l)(2)(i)(A) - no employee knowledge of standard
Home Inspection - Mold

Finding mold in a home inspection is certainly not going to make for pleasant day. Just how unpleasant your day has just become can vary from inconvenient to disastrous. There are just too many variables on what the home inspection may reveal about your mold issues. Of course the ideal situation is to not have any mold to be found when the home inspection is done.

Although it may seem otherwise mold does not just magically materialize. It can be in different colors and look powdery, slimy or furry with or without any odor. Before mold dies, it puts out little spores waiting for better times (at least as far as the mold is concerned.) These little spores can lie dormant, even in sunlight. They really like to live in dust. What the sport is waiting for is water. Add a little food and mold, along with its cousin mildew are off to the races.

A favorite food source for mold is processed wood products together with humidity and reasonable warm temperatures. Therefore, examples would include paper, the wood frame, and/or siding of the house, or even the paper coating on drywall. Since the house tends to stand up better when it has building materials, it's difficult to get rid of the wood in the home. And since the spores are part of the planet, we can't get rid of them. That leaves us with controlling water....

Read the full article HERE!
An Excellent Hex Chome Resource

The California DHS Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service has a webpage containing a wealth of excellent information about hexavalent chromium and the standards enforced by the state of California.
For more visit Cal. DHS Cr(IV) page
Asbestos contractor sentenced in Ambler Case

A contractor who admitted that he failed to properly remove asbestos from an Ambler elementary school was sentenced yesterday to six months' home confinement, the Justice Department said in Washington.

Branko Lazic, who owns Bilaz Inc., pleaded guilty in June to a criminal violation of the Clean Air Act for the improper removal of asbestos from Mattison Elementary School in June 2002....

For full story visit here.
Note: I guess they make those rules for a reason.  Yikes!
Home inspections: More intricate, more valuable

Buyers are getting pickier about the condition of the houses they'll consider, understandable given the number of possibilities available for them to choose from.

But their concerns go much further than overgrown hedges or chipped paint on the front porch. Buyers are again asking about lead in the paint and water, asbestos, radon, indoor air quality, and mold - questions many appeared to put aside when competition for houses was the stuff of bidding wars.

Avoiding things that might cause chronic illness doesn't always seem to be the prime motivation.

"I really don't think that buyers are more concerned about environmental or inspection issues, per se, than they were three years ago," said Myrna Malkin, an agent in Weichert Realtors' Fort Washington office. "But I do believe that because the market conditions are currently more favorable toward buyers, they are more likely to include these contingencies in their contract and to use the results of these inspections as tools for negotiating."

Yet Bari Shor, an agent with Prudential Fox & Roach in Center City, said the buyers she deals with are more concerned with health issues than with leverage...

For full story, visit here.
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