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QuanTEM Chronicles - May 2008
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John Barnett, PresidentA Message from John Barnett, President

I have been involved in the asbestos business a long time.  For years we installed insulation materials containing asbestos, then I opened a company to remove the material we had put on. Over the years I have been involved in all kinds of asbestos abatement and environmental cleanup projects in half the states in our country.  After all this, now I find myself in the lab business.  Who would have ever guessed?

My point is, I have been around the asbestos business long enough to have seen some strange things happen over the years but I am constantly amazed at what I am seeing now.  We are fortunate having several hundred customers scattered around and getting feed back concerning how the asbestos rules are being treated throughout the country.  From my view point it appears the states are backing away from the strict enforcement of the rules and are allowing consultants and state inspectors to make judgment calls based on how they feel that day.  We are seeing decisions going both ways, some where only a trace of asbestos is present is being classified hazardous and in other cased where asbestos is present it is being removed without addressing personal protection or the containment of loose fibers.  We have one situation where the consultant isn't using any of the commonly used sampling methods, he just looks at the material and makes a determination as to the amount of asbestos it contains.

I have never believed that walking by an asbestos fiber would kill anyone but I do believe the hassle of a law suit filed by a disgruntled employee or an unhappy customer can be hazardous to your health.  The rules are in place and they're not hard to follow.  Also, I found that by doing it right I could sleep at night.


John Barnett

President / CEO

QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC




Oregon fines Michigan asbestos-abatement company $24,000

The Associated Press  

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The state of Oregon has fined a Michigan company more than $24,000 for violating safety laws in an asbestos removal project last year at Candalaria Mall in south Salem.

A spokesman for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality says the penalties against Performance Abatement Services of Melvindale, Mich., were the result of an inspection in September. The company has appealed.

The Oregon DEQ alleges in a civil lawsuit that the company committed willful violations, such as allowing the accumulation of asbestos debris and failing to keep ceiling tiles and vinyl flooring wet enough in the removal process.

Courtesy of AP Michigan News: Michigan, National and World News and Videos

One in five rooms is "highly contaminated" with mold, French scientists say
According to French scientists in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Journal of Environmental Monitoring one in every five rooms is "highly contaminated" with mold even though the fungus may not be visible.  The mold can aggravate some medical conditions such as asthma.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine reports that "(t)he study also found that bedrooms and living rooms were no less contaminated than bathrooms and kitchens - "hidden" fungus was not only airborne but found in carpets and soft furnishings, and behind wallpaper, and was often colourless and odourless."

You can read this intriguing report HERE.

Ohio worker's estate claims 73 defendants negligent for asbestos-related death

By Steve Gonazalez

The estate of an Ohio man who died from mesothelioma filed an asbestos complaint in Madison County Circuit Court May 5, alleging his disease was wrongfully caused.

According to the complaint, Paul Bowen was employed from 1951 to 2004 as a laborer, truck driver, kiln operator, miner and mechanic at various locations.

Bowen's wife was employed as a machine operator, maintenance worker, finisher and striper at various locations.

Bowen's estate claims that his wife would on many occasions work with and around asbestos and asbestos-containing materials....

The full article can be found at the Madison County Record.
A Great Article on FREE Business Software

by Shawn Garza

BusinessWeek has posted a phenomenal article concerning business software that you can download for free.  When you visit their site to read the article, click on the link titled "Table: Deals to Download."

As small business owners we all are looking for ways to cut expenses, and, in my experience, a lot of free software is just as good as, and compatible with, many of the high-priced applications that you may find yourself needing.

One example that is not listed in the article is an image authoring program affectionately called The Gimp (for GNU Image Manipulation Program.)  This application is, in my opinion, as powerful as Adobe PhotoShop with the same tools.  The main difference is that The Gimp does not have PhotoShop's $400+ price tag.  In fact, The Gimp is free.

I strongly urge small-business owners and those looking to cut expenses for their companies to read Business Software for Free by BusinessWeek.
AIHce and IAQA:  Come visit us at the QuanTEM booths!

AIHce and IAQA tradeshows are just around the corner.  AIHce will be held in Minneapolis, MN May 31st through June 5th.  IAQA in Tampa, FL will be held very shortly thereafter from June 12th to June 15th.

We welcome the chance to visit with you and answer any questions you may have.

AIHA:  Booth 1528
IAQA:  Booths 206 & 207

Stop by and say Hello!

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