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QuanTEM Chronicles - July 2008
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John Barnett, PresidentA Message from John Barnett, President/CEO
I would like to address a couple items today; one being the ongoing need for continued training for all types of inspectors, investigators, contractors, abatement workers and anyone else who makes a living from the environmental business.  I am amazed at the number of consultants and inspectors who think one class will serve them for a life time.  In this business, each month brings new ideas, new rules and guide lines, and new and better ways of solving the problems we all face.  How would you feel if your accountant only had one accounting class?  Would you want him going up against the IRS for you?   I don't thinks so.  So, why wouldn't we want all the training we can get?  We've all heard the horror stories about the liability issues consultants, investigators and contractors face.  Continuing education is the best defense.  Now, I may be tooting my own horn as QuanTEM is hosting the next MOLD INVESTIGATOR TRAINING September 17-19.  This is one of the best all-around investigator training classes available with lots of detail on the hows and whys of building a defensible mold investigation report.  I promise you it is worth looking into.
Secondly Jeff Mlekush, our laboratory operations manager has submitted an article to the IAQA's Indoor Environment Connections magazine.  He is discussing the problems with asbestos rules enforcement by the different states.  It's interesting and informative and will be out in the September issue.  Check it out.
I hope your summer ends up in spectacular fashion including all the rewards you've worked for.


John Barnett


QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC




Mold Problems Persist in Wake of Floodwaters

Mold Can Cause Health Problems

MADISON, Wis. -- One lingering effect in many areas from June's flooding is mold, which can pose health problems.

A simple rule when dealing with mold is "when in doubt, get it out." But those closest to the cleanup effort are warning homeowners to get that mold out in the safest way possible, WISC-TV reported.

Local restoration companies said homeowners must protect the eyes, hands and mouth when removing mold contaminate.

This means making sure people use respirators labeled n-95. People are also encouraged to be consumer smart when looking for someone to remove that mold because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."Very, very much consumer beware because if anybody tells you that you can spray something on it, the problem goes away, just turn and walk away," said Kent Rawhouser, owner of A & J Specialty Services. "Because there's no way with any type of contaminant you can just spray something on and walk away."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said mold will greatly affect people with asthma, allergies and those with immune suppressions such cancer patients, transplant recipients, and those with HIV, WISC-TV reported...

Read and watch the full report HERE.

Standards: ASTM Standards on Indoor Air Quality:

From Measurement Media

3rd Edition (PRINT) - Pages: 300 - Soft Cover
W. Conshohocken PA, USA -- This new edition provides 55 the latest ASTM standards for establishing accurate and reliable methods and procedures for the sampling and analysis of indoor air quality data.

These standards offer a sound foundation for interpreting measurement results, thereby improving indoor air quality.

ASTM International's Subcommittee D22.05 developed these standards, which are recognized around the world as the most credible guidance available for the sampling and analysis of indoor air. By developing data on indoor air composition, the ultimate goal of creating healthier buildings can be more easily achieved.

This compilation is a must for indoor air investigators, researchers, and those managing air quality in buildings.

ASTM Standards on Indoor Air Quality: 3rd Edition (PRINT)
ISBN13: 978-0-8031-5524-4
Price: $165

Lawyer threatens suit over 'very sick' Broward County Courthouse

By Scott Wyman |South Florida Sun-Sentinel August 9, 2008

It's a green-blackish mold that thrives on moisture and can produce toxins. A prominent lawyer claims it has infested the Broward County Courthouse so thoroughly that the building should be torn down.

Two longtime courthouse workers, judicial aides Patti Buchholtz and Sue Rentel, say they have already been so sickened that they have trouble breathing and get frequent colds. Their attorney, former state Sen. Skip Campbell, has written county commissioners threatening to sue for negligence and violations of state building standards.

Campbell said the mold problems are too extensive to remedy. He said he would not only seek damages for his clients but a court order to force the county to meet its obligations of providing a safe courthouse. "That building is a very sick building, and people who are going in there are getting sick," Campbell said.

In his letter to the commissioners, Campbell complains of "dangerous indoor air quality" and "contamination" in the 50-year-old building...

The full article can be found at the South Florida Sun-Sentinal.

QuanTEM Hosts Mold Investigator Training Course

by Shawn Garza

Mold Training AdQuanTEM Laboratories is hosting its bi-annual Mold Investigator Training Course during the days of September 17, 18, and 19, 2008.  The price is
$425 if registered prior to September 1st $475 if registered after September 1st. Group discounts available.

The three day course is designed enhance the skill set of mold investigation of environmental professionals. 

Six years ago, the professionals at QuanTEM Laboratories saw the need to help aspiring mold inspectors and investigators hone their skils while learning how to mitigate liability in the field.  The three-day course covers such topics as mold investigation strategies, up-top-date mold sampling methods and technologies, sampling plan development, data interpretation and much, much more.

If you would like further information, please visit the QuanTEM Website Training section or call 1-800-822-1650 and ask for Shawn or Jeff.

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