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QuanTEM Chronicles - September 2008

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FedX LogoA Message from John Barnett, President/CEO



Dear John 

Ladies and Gentlemen:  I would like to share an email with I received lately. 

Hi John, I would like to take a few moments of your time to express my deep appreciation for the excellent and timely laboratory reports provided by your staff, particularly Jeff.  In the last few months, on several occasions, we have needed your staff's expertise and timely response in the analysis of lab samples.  Last Tuesday we had need of his expertise and quick response due to the shut down of an area for asbestos concerns.  By that afternoon he issued two lab reports, one requiring analysis according to NIOSH 7402 (TEM) and the other by ASTM D 5755.  Both can be difficult and time consuming particularly the ASTM D 5755.  Because of his quick response, we were able to re-open the area and alleviate a lot of concerns.  Thank you very much for offering outstanding, responsive services.

My intent is not to brag but to thank this writer and to let you know how much we appreciate this kind of letter.  As an environmental laboratory it is our job to support you guys in the field and we take this task very seriously.  Thanks for your continuing support and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or ideas how we can better serve the industry.


John Barnett


QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC




Flooded Town Now Faces Mold Problems

Blackwell Families Forced to Trash Items Salvaged From Flood




Blackwell , Okla. -- An Oklahoma town that was the scene of severe flooding earlier this month is  now having problems with mold.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the mold problems in some parts of Blackwell could be hazardous to the health of residents there.
mold damage

"It's not often we see a disaster right here in our own area," said Blackwell resident Terry Caldwell.

Calswell said most of her house was severely damaged in the floods from the remnants of Hurricane Lowell.  She siad the things she did salvage have been covered by mold.

The rest of the story by KOCO Channel 5 is


Fines Issued for Illegal Asbestos Removal


From Asbestos.com

The city of Winslow was recently fined $240,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency as a penalty for asbestos violations committed last year. The violations included illegal removal of asbestos, illegal disposal of asbestos, and failure to notify the proper authorities of the presence of asbestos.

The suit filed by the EPA named the city and John Roche, the former city manager, as well as the owner of the building where the violations were committed. They were accused of demolishing four apartment buildings without inspecting them for asbestos.

If asbestos-containing materials are damaged or disturbed during demolition, toxic fibers will often be released into the air. These fibers, if inhaled or ingested, can cause serious diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Malignant mesothelioma often takes several decades to develop, and when it is finally diagnosed, most mesothelioma treatments do not have a curative affect on the disease.

Tipsters originally notified state authorities that the buildings were in the process of being torn down, and the demolition was ordered to a halt. Tests were carried out and the presence of asbestos was confirmed.


Experts say: Act quickly to minimize mold's damaging effects in flooded areas


(Media-Newswire.com) - COLLEGE STATION - People returning to homes flooded during Hurricane Ike or other disasters should act quickly to combat mold, said a Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert.

"If you don't it could ruin your home, possessions and threaten your health," said Janie Harris, an AgriLife Extension housing and environmental specialist.

Mold's damaging effects can be minimized by following some suggestions offered by family and consumer sciences professionals and other experts with AgriLife Extension, she said.

After it is safe to return home, open windows and turn on fans to get fresh air circulating, Harris said. Consider running a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air....

Whole story

Editor's Note:  The Texas AgriLife Extension Service has an incredible array of publications regarding post-flood mold cleanup as does the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network.  I strongly recommend taking advantage of these resources.


Asbestos Cleanup in Galveston to Continue after Ike

by Shawn Garza

According to the New York Times, Hurricane Ike left a nasty toxic soup composed of mud, human waste, asbestos, toxic chemicals, petroleum products, etc. that will
take months to clean.  The city has identified about 150 houses that have collapsed and will need to be properly removed. That number is expected to rise.

To learn more, read the full story at
The New York Times.

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