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QuanTEM Chronicles - October 2008
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John Barnett, PresidentA Message from John Barnett, President

Hello Friends:

I am amazed when ever our country goes through an election cycle (the next one starts as soon as this winner is sworn in).  I always get the feeling I'm NOT hearing the whole truth, usually it's anything but the truth.  Several years ago I read the book "The West Point Way"; the gist of this book was that while going through West Point cadets found that being 100% honest and living totally in an environment of truthfulness was a major prerequisite to being allowed to continue in the program.  A lie or cover up meant expulsion.  Now we all know that the campaign machines tend to embellish the positive for themselves and the negative for their opponents, but what we see today, I believe, goes beyond embellishment.  My point is that this not only wears us down but it also puts undue strain on our economy.

Now let's add in a few real economic woes, add in the sensationalism we get from the press and suddenly everyone gets concerned about their economic future.  Any company manager worth his salt must take in consideration the ramifications this may have on the future of their business.  We all want to be around next year.  The outcome of this is that no matter how strong our businesses are, we begin to slow down our purchases, put expansion plans on the back burner, take a closer look at staffing and in-turn do our part to slow down the economy.  What we should be doing is pushing our business forward, investing in ways to find the work our companies need and aggressively planning for the future.   

Don't go crazy on me here, I know that no one business or for that matter, no one industry can cause a turnaround in the economy but, small business is the backbone of our country.  If each one of us just took a positive attitude toward the future and looked for the opportunities these times offer, I believe we would see a stronger and faster recovery of the overall economy and our companies would prosper.

OK, so now you know my soap box.  Have a great day.

John Barnett


QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC




Environmental illnesses are gaining attention, thanks to the 'green' movement

by Angela Townsend/Plain Dealer Reporter
Tuesday October 14, 2008, 8:58 AM

You move to a new city and into an old house that you fall in love with at first sight.
A year later, you develop a nagging cough that even the strongest prescription cough syrup can't seem to tame.

At first your doctor says your symptoms are all in your head but then suggests you might have some kind of incurable respiratory disease.

She refers you to an ear, nose and throat specialist. After a battery of tests, he concludes that you have borderline asthma and puts you on two daily medications.
A couple of years later, you still have the cough, but it's not as bad. Another new doctor decides you have allergies and switches your medication.

A friend of yours suggests you get your house tested for mold.

It sounds weird, but he explains that it's the same advice he just got from his doctor.

He developed a sensitivity to mold that in recent years had grown much worse. A visit to an expert in neurotoxic poisoning confirmed what he suspected for a while: Other doctors may have been diagnosing and treating him for illnesses he didn't have.

If he didn't change his surroundings, his situation could turn deadly.

The scenario, based on experiences of real people, is typical of many who suffer from environmental illnesses or chemical sensitivities.

You can read the rest of this great story HERE

Asbestos Investigation: Authorities Want Property Owner Behind Bars

Newschannel 9 in Chattanooga, TN posted this story detailing what can happen when property owners violate asbestos removal laws.  Let people know that proper sampling, testing and abatement can spare them a lot of legal troubles. -SG

Authorities are looking for the owner of a property in Rossville that's being investigated for an Asbestos violation.

Tenants inside of the old Peerless Mills property have been telling us for months that the property's owner, Les Coffey, has been improperly removing Asbestos from the property. Since then several environmental agencies started their own investigations, one tenant told us that Coffey illegally evicted him, and now the Walker County Sheriff's Department wants Coffey behind bars.

Full coverage HERE
Dave's Top Ten Reasons for choosing a lab.

Jeff Mlekusby Jeff Mlekush, Lab Director, QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC

Well, maybe not Dave's top ten but how about your top three reasons to choose a lab.  Through talking with people in the environmental industry for decades now, recurring themes become apparent in the requirements environmental professionals expect of their laboratory: Quality, Integrity, and Timeliness.
First and foremost, you should expect that your laboratory hold quality as its highest standard.  Quality should be pervasive throughout the organization and should be apparent as soon as the phone is answered at the lab.  After all, customer service is the most important reason to provide quality work - a quality lab will remember that you're the customer and will address you on a personal basis.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but when I call a lab, I want to hear "Hello" from a human voice, not "Press 1 for English."
To most of our customers accreditation is vital.  Your lab should have some sort of independent organization (i.e. AIHA, NVLAP, A2LA) reviewing quality systems, personnel qualifications, and instrument requirements.  Quality laboratories will spend the money (accreditations are expensive) to prove to you that they provide legally defensible data. 
Your lab should also show integrity.  Good laboratories will be honest with you on all subjects from pricing to whether or not the lab can even perform the analysis you request.  Don't get mad at your lab if they tell you they can't analyze the 5000 samples you want to send them by the end of the following day; they are just being honest in what they can provide.  Good labs will keep your project information confidential and not answer questions from anyone outside your company without your authorization.  Sometimes your lab will be the bearer of bad news. That is, they will give you results that are unexpected.  Again, don't get mad.  Just ask questions.  You should question your laboratory if something seems strange in the results.  No lab is perfect and good ones will investigate your questions to determine if there was a problem in the processing of your samples.  And, if there was a problem, they will make it right.
One of the biggest complaints I hear is that the lab doesn't get the results to them on time.  Your laboratory should be in contact with you if there is a problem meeting your requested turnaround time - before the due date!  Often, I hear that you call your lab looking for results that were due two days ago, the lab tells you the results are "almost ready," yet you still don't get your results for two more days.  This will not happen at QuanTEM.  We may be the only laboratory in the country that tracks turnaround times.  QuanTEM may not be perfect, but for the third quarter of 2008, 98.5% of our turnarounds were on time!
If you want to see the Turnaround Time report, give Shawn or John a call at 1-800-822-1650.  They'll be glad to share our findings with you because when you deal with QuanTEM Laboratories, you're dealing with the best. 

Remember QuanTEM
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Cuyahoga County judges dismiss 30,000 asbestos claims

Posted by Patrick O'Donnell/Plain Dealer Reporter October 20, 2008 23:43PM

CLEVELAND -- A panel of three judges tossed 30,000 asbestos injury claims out of Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Monday following an Ohio Supreme Court ruling last week that upheld limits on such cases. 

Judge Harry Hanna, one of the judges handling thousands of asbestos claims for the court, called the move "more or less a bookkeeping entry" and said that the dismissal of the cases is not as harsh as it sounds.

He said the cases were all low priorities for the county court because plaintiffs were not seriously sick. If plaintiffs start showing symptoms of asbestos damage to their lungs, he said, the cases can be reinstated.

"They weren't going to get near the courtroom as long as they were, relatively speaking, asymptomatic," Hanna said.

Lawyers for plaintiffs in asbestos cases could not be reached Monday night.

The story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Italy museum says da Vinci writings gather no mold

MILAN, Italy (AP) - Curators of Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus said Tuesday that fears the collection of drawings and writings had been infiltrated by mold are groundless.

The Biblioteca Ambrosiana commissioned a microbiological analysis of the document after some scholars warned last year that the Codex had sprouted mold.

The full AP Story
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