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September 2009
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1958 Video Link: Kentile Asbestos Floor Tile
Confusion in Lead Sampling
Whatever You Call It, Asbestos is Deadly
Condo Association Sued Over Toxic Mold
Oklahoma Courthouse Asbestos
Mold Inspector Training

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 September 2009

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John Barnett, PresidentMessage from John Barnett, President

Hey friends, it's that time again and I want to bring your attention to a couple ideas.  First the head of our chemistry lab, Eric Caves wrote an article for the Indoor Environmental Connections newspaper. It's in the September issue and is titled "Confusion in Lead Sampling".  With the economy causing each of us to look at opportunities which exist where we can expand our income streams, and more HUD homes requiring lead inspections we are seeing new companies moving into this market.  At this point let me throw out one bit of advice.  No matter how many training classes you have been through, before you sample talk to your lab.  We have rules we have to follow and often these don't coincide with the trainer's ideas.  I promise you, a few minutes spent talking with your lab will save you tons of time in the field.  Using Proper Sampling Techniques can save you the embarrassment and expense of having to go back and resample.  
Don't hesitate to call Eric; it's the only time he gets to talk to anyone around here.  His phone number is 1-800-822-1650 or by email at chemistry@quantem.com.
My second comment has to do with the Indoor Environmental Connections newspaper.  I like this paper because they talk about the things which affect each of us as we try to make a living.  I call it the working man's paper.  They must be doing something right as they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Congratulations I E Connections. Keep up the good work.  Special kudos go out to Diane Chester for all her efforts.
This year is also QuanTEM's 20th anniversary.  I want to congratulate the winners of our 3rd quarter anniversary celebration. 
Terry Baker of Baker Environmental won the I-Phone and Derrick Broadway of VT Giffen won the GPS.  Congratulations gentlemen.
Have a great month and remember the government has told us the recession is over.


John E. Barnett
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
Confusion in Lead Sampling
Eric Caves, Technical Manager & Analyst Eric Caves
Technical Manager & Analyst
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
 Published September 2009
by: Indoor Environment Connections
 As initiatives across the country aimed at identifying and eliminating lead poisoning problems kick into high gear, it is important to understand the sampling procedures that will be undertaken to complete each project.
 IEC's June publication had a detailed article, Getting the Lead Out, describing one foundation's efforts to identify and eliminate childhood lead problems. Their efforts are targeting neighborhoods where children tested well above the national average for lead in blood using targeted grants to municipalities with the greatest need. There are similar programs already in progress or starting up across the country funded with environmental grants or through private or public funding.
These projects are geared towards older areas of the country and lower income areas where awareness of the problems caused by long term exposure to lead dust and loose lead paint may not be fully understood or in many cases even considered. Watching two hours of television in the evening, everyone is completely aware of asbestos and mesothelioma problems but the best we can do for lead in many cases is noticing the federally funded advertisement hanging above our heads while we utilize public transportation. Lead exposure is a persistent problem, and it will take many years to identify and reduce or eliminate something we created more than thirty years ago.

            Many projects being undertaken utilize a large amount of dust wipe sampling and, in some cases, composite soil sampling. Other projects, many involving public schools in inner city areas, are geared towards paint sampling and identifying lead based paint through direct sampling. In the cases where the abatement project is being conducted, air samples will be collected inside and outside of work areas as well as personal sampling for representative workers inside the containment area. All other areas should be addressed as bulk sampling and may include matrices like zippers, ceramic tile, metal piping and shredded tire material used as playground matting.

            As with any job, it is important to understand what needs to be done to complete the job correctly and be able to interpret the results accurately. It is important to understand the concepts first, then when an unusual situation arises, it is much easier to handle. Each state generally has their own rules on licensing for lead sampling professionals, but understanding some general concepts will go a long way to understanding the job that needs to be completed. Check with your individual state licensing authority to see what needs to be completed in order to obtain the necessary credentials that will be required for lead sampling professionals.
            Eric's Article goes on to discuss wipe sampling, paint sampling, soil sampling & air sampling.  Click here HERE to view the full article from Indoor Environment Connections
Whatever You Call It, Asbestos is Deadly
Quebec is the last place in Canada to mine asbestos, a known carcinogenic substance. The miners who used to work extracting the needle-like fibre might be coughing up blood and dying by the dozens, but Ottawa and Quebec City continue to promote the sale of asbestos.
Asbestos Rock
Worldwide, an estimated 90,000 people die every year from asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis, according to the World Health Organization.

Back home, the picture is just as grim: Exposure to asbestos accounted for about 70 per cent of a rise in workplace-related deaths in Canada - responsible for more than 300 deaths a year - according to a 2006 report.

This year, British Columbia MP Nathan Cullen of the NDP introduced a private member's bill to ban asbestos mining and sales.
There seems little point waiting for the Harper government to move against asbestos. It, along with the Quebec government, subsidizes this deadly industry to an extent most Canadians would find shocking. According to MiningWatch Canada, Quebec's mining taxes on its two remaining mines, owned by LAB Chrysotile, are the lowest in Canada.
And although fewer than 7,000 people work in mining of all kinds in Quebec, total public expenditures on the industry were $107.7 million in 2002.

Read the Full Article HERE.
Woman Sues Condo Association Over Toxic Mold

If you live in a condo and something goes wrong,
you're often at the mercy of the condo association for help. And if the problem is mold, you're on your own when it comes Mold Growthto figuring out who is qualified to evaluate the danger and fix it. CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports on a real mold mess. Dawn Neubauer was stunned when she found water dripping from the ceiling, through electrical outlets and light switches in her building.

"What is going on? Who do I call? What do I do?" she said. "I was at a complete loss."

Neubauer called her condo association manager who sent out a repair man.

"He accused my showers of causing the damage," Neubauer said. Mold Spore

As time passed, Neubauer noticed changes in her health.

"Chronic bloody noses and sore throats," she said. "I literally, I could not breathe."

To Read the Full Article, click HERE.

Relocation of Oklahoma Courthouse Complicated due to Asbestos 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - September 15, 2009 
Oklahoma Supreme Court Oklahoma state appellate judges and their staff still have months to wait before they can be moved into their new location: the renovated Wiley Post Historical Building. According to Gerry Smedley, spokeswoman for the Central Services Department, the judges and their staff will have to wait nearly a year before they can move in.

"We're just getting the last of the bids in for things like paving, landscaping and other similar finishing items," Smedley said. "They've done all the major inside renovations and the addition on the back. This is a project that has been done in phases." According to Smedley, the entire project will cost $44.2 million, and is being financed by the sale of bonds.

In 2008, court officials were told that work on the building would be completed, and the judges and their staff could move in this year. However, various complications like delayed construction, funding issues, and the presence of asbestos slowed down the process. "We had problems getting all the funding. They found asbestos," Supreme Court Justice Yvonne Kauger said. "Just all those things you have when you're dealing with an older building."
Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, a fatal form of cancer.

The Supreme Court will keep its formal courtroom in the Capitol, but will maintain a new hearing room in the Wiley building. "My grandson, when he was just a little guy, used to say 'There's your new building' every time we would drive by," Supreme Court Justice Yvonne Kauger told reporters. "Now he's 15. But it looks like we're finally going to get into that building."
Fall Mold Investigator Training - Oklahoma City, OK
 Fall Mold Investigator Training
October 21-23 2009
Oklahoma City, OK 
Barbara's Corner Barbara Holder, Customer Service Manager
Each month, I will post my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers and tips that will help you save time and money.  
Barbara, The last time I sent chemistry lead wipes in to QuanTEM, two of the samples were not able to be analyzed.  What happened?
The samples you sent in were collected using a dissolving wipe material.  This material does not actually dissolve during preparation; it produces a chemical reaction that creates gas and pressure within the testing tube. This gas pressure causes the tube to explode during preparation of the sample thus destroying the sample altogether. 

QuanTEM recommends using any lead wipe that meets the ASTM E1792 standard.  We carry these lead wipes and they are available for purchase from our lab.  Just call me and we can send some out to you!

I've been a customer of QuanTEM for many years and would like to refer someone to your lab.  What is the best way to do this?
The best way to refer someone to our lab is to simply give them our information.  If they give us a call, remember to tell them to mention that you referred them.
All our information can also be found at: www.quantem.com
We can also be reached at 800-822-1650; ask for Scott or Barbara! 

 Would you like to ask me a question? 
Email me here.
Barbara Holder has been with QuanTEM since October 2004 as our Customer Relations Manager.  Barbara plays an active supervisory role with all customer interactions with QuanTEM.
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